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S-TYPE equipped to tow

S-TYPE equipped to tow

I need some assistance! I own a 2003 S-TYPE and am in receipt of totally conflicting advice as to whether I can have a tow bar with associated wiring fitted to it. I gather it is the electrics side of things that presents the problem.

Two Jaguar dealers I have spoken to don't consider that there is an issue, but independent tow bar specialists I have contacted don't want to know. However, I have found one who says it isn't a problem; I am now nervous! Can you give me a definitive answer?

Barry Stedham, via email

A In order not to create any unnecessary element of suspense, we can confirm that it is entirely possible to equip your S-TYPE for towing duties. Indeed, you will note that our own editor, also a keen caravanner, has achieved the result you desire on his own S-TYPE, see Our Jaguars July 2012 page 80.
Whilst attending the premises of K. Mugglestone and Co. (; 01205 280317) to witness the conversion of an S-TYPE to LPG fuelling (Modified Workshop May 2013, page 92) we noted they had recently fitted a towbar to the vehicle. They inform us that they employ and recommend Towequipe (; 0800 0430042) who supply all the hardware necessary to achieve the fitment. This includes an S-TYPE-specific bypass relay, which integrates the car’s electrical system with standard towing sockets. This obviates any ‘bulb fail’ warning light issues and other anomalies. The current cost of this device is £53.12 (inc VAT), comparing favourably with the dedicated wiring loom kit, available via genuine Jaguar parts outlets.


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