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Jaguar World has its origins in Jaguar Quarterly, launched in 1988, and to this day still delivers the best roundup of Jaguar news and features available on the news stands. With buying and maintenance advice covering all ages of Jaguar, the magazine is an essential resource for prospective buyers or owners of Jaguars alike.



X100 Supplement

History of the X100
From its initial designs to the last car off the production line, the XK8’s history is explained

Developing the X100
We chat to three former Jaguar employees who were central to the car’s development and design

Revealing the X100
As the first Jaguar sports car in 21 years, its motor show reveal had to be something special. It was

The X100’s launch
The XK8’s media launch, held in the South of France, was an exciting event – and Paul Skilleter was there

Driving the X100
Aesthetically, the X100 changed little over its nine-year production run, but there were four main models. We drive an example of each

Buying an X100
What to look for when buying an X100 generation of XK8 and XKR

Modifying the X100
There are many things you can change on the X100, from rear light clusters to fitting a manual gearbox, as our comprehensive guide explains. 

X100 contacts
Who to call when buying, repairing or modifying an XK8

 Austin Seven Swallow
Jaguar’s first foray onto four wheels was with the diminutive Austin Seven Swallow. We discover a wonderful example

With the next generation of XF just around the corner, we examine how good the current model is by comparing an XFR against its predecessor, the S-TYPE R

 Competition E-type
A successful racer in historic events today, this E-type was discovered to have race history from new. We find out more

History of Jaguar

Part three of our history on Jaguar covers the launch of the famous E-type through to the awkward Leyland years

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Our Jaguars
Paul makes a surprising decision about his S-TYPE, while Jim’s E-type convertible has its engine refitted

Your Jaguar
Rolf Bohrmann tells us about his 1976 XJ-S

Modern workshop
Dismantling the front end of an S-TYPE

A modern XJ with a problematic dashboard and two misbehaving X-TYPE diesels

Classic Workshop
Removing and refitting the bulkhead vacuum and coolant pipes of our project E-type

Details of a satellite navigation device with an inbuilt camera, plus new wire wheels

We find out more about the California-based Classic Showcase

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