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Jaguar World has its origins in Jaguar Quarterly, launched in 1988, and to this day still delivers the best roundup of Jaguar news and features available on the news stands. With buying and maintenance advice covering all ages of Jaguar, the magazine is an essential resource for prospective buyers or owners of Jaguars alike.



40 years of the XJ-S
To celebrate four decades of Jaguars big GT, weve gathered together nine considerably different models that tell the history of this fabulous car

50 years of the E-type 2+2
When a 2+2 version became available in 1965, the E-type was suddenly a suitable car for a much wider audience

40 years of the XJ Coupe
It was announced in 1973, but it was another two years before the XJ Coupe went on sale. We explain why it was worth the wait

History of Jaguar
The first in a five-part series charting Jaguars history, we start with the companys 1922 motorcycle sidecar origins through to success on the international motor racing scene

70X350 XJ6
Always overshadowed by the XJR or the 2.7 diesel option, the X350 generation of XJ6 is actually a highly capable cruiser

Modified Mk IX
With its sensible modifications, this classic Mk IX has been made ready for modern driving conditions

XFR-S Sportbrake
What better car to go hunting for Loch Ness fabled creature than in this 5.0 V8 550PS monster of an estate?


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Our Jaguars
Paul uses an XJ LWB for a family weekend away, while the engine in Jims E-type coupe is coaxed into life

Your Jaguar
Chris Palmer explains why his passion for Jaguars led to him buying a 2006 XJ8

Modern workshop
Soundproofing an X-TYPE 2.0d to reduce unwanted vibrations and engine noise

An S-TYPE 2.7d with turbo trouble and an X-TYPE with inoperative lights

Classic Workshop
How to convert a left-hand-drive E-type coupe to right-hand drive

Reviews, including an E-type S1 rear light gaskets, an e-Book about Europes lost racing circuits and a new car shampoo

We visit the West Midlands-based specialist British Motor Heritage and ask how it can help the classic Jaguar driver

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Jim Patten

Richard Bremner

Keith Helfet

Next month

Paul Skilleter's Finishing Lines
The powerful, but fragile, Broadspeed XJ Coupe



One you can buy
A 2001 XK8 coupe 4.0 thats currently up for sale is tried and tested

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