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Jaguar World has its origins in Jaguar Quarterly, launched in 1988, and to this day still delivers the best roundup of Jaguar news and features available on the news stands. With buying and maintenance advice covering all ages of Jaguar, the magazine is an essential resource for prospective buyers or owners of Jaguars alike.



XJ celebration
To mark the millionth XJ recently built, we bring you an example from each of the eight generations, from the original Series 1 4.2 to the latest XJR 5.0

XJ6 respective
Paul Skilleter recalls the launch of the original XJ6 in 1968 and the impact the car made on the company that made it

Bob Tullius interview
As the man who took Jaguar officially back to racing, including Le Mans in 1984, Bob Tullius and his Group 44 team is an important part of the company’s history

Group 44 E-type
We’re given access to the fearsome Group 44 E-type V12 on a closed section of Coventry’s ringroad for an unforgettable drive at this year’s MotoFest

Daimler Sovereign
Although built for rallying in mind, this 1967 Daimler Sovereign has yet to do battle

XJS Insignia
Hand built by the former Daimler DS 420 workforce, just 64 of these bespoke XJSs were made

ECU E-type Series 1
Does a standard E-type fitted with a full-blown ECU make any sense? We drive such a car to find out

History of Jaguar
In this final part of our series explaining Jaguar’s long history we turn to the Ian Callum era, from 1999 to the present day


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Our Jaguars
Rob Hawkin’s introduces his X-TYPE 2.0-litre diesel saloon, while Paul has carbon deposits in his XK8’s 4.0 engine removed

Your Jaguar
Mark Roberts explains why an X150 XK convertible has joined his X100 XK8 coupe

Modern workshop
How to fix S-TYPE door troubles, from replacing a damaged mirror and renewing the glass to swapping over an entire door

Questions about a conventional crankshaft rear oil seal for the 5.3-litre V12 and an X-TYPE’s inoperative headlight washers are answered

Classic workshop
We investigate the best way to keep our modified E-type cool

Jaguar illustrations, Sir John Egan’s new autobiography, and replacement fuel hoses for the E-type and Mk 2 are reviewed

We visit Richard Simm from SSS Jaguars to discover how he started and the kind of cars he specialises in


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Jim Patten

Richard Bremner

Keith Helfet

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