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S-type V6 misfire

JanQAmisfireQ  My 3.0-litre V6 petrol S-TYPE is a cracking car, but it’s recently started to suffer with an intermittent misfire that is proving to be very annoying. The car has covered 65,000 miles and has full service history. Before going too far down the diagnosis route, do you have any suggestions?
David Grant, Via email

A  Though a very rugged unit, the V6 engine is prone to coil pack failures, and it sounds as though that may well be the problem here. Taking it to a specialist with Jaguar’s own diagnostic software or an equivalent should help pin-point whether that it is the case. Though hidden away, the coil packs can still get exposed to damp and dirt – the picture shows those on the nearside bank on our 2.5 S-TYPE when the cover was removed. Coil packs will be around £23-£35 each depending on the year of the car, but if one is playing up it may pay in the long run to replace the lot now, as getting to those on the offside bank means taking the inlet manifold off. You don’t want to do that more often than you have to. And, while you’re there, we’d change all six plugs too as they will be due a swap at 70,000 miles in any case.


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